Microsoft Embedded OEM Customer License Agreement

The Embedded OEM Customer License Agreement (OEM CLA) is required to be signed for all Microsoft products purchased through the Embedded Distribution channel.

MS Authorized Embedded Distributors (Silica) facilitate the licensing process between the Embedded OEM Customer and Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited (MIOL). The OEM CLA includes the general terms and conditions that govern the licensing of Microsoft Embedded Licensed Products. 

Embedded OEM Customers obtain an electronical OEM CLA form from Silica as a link per E-Mail. You can request the text of the CLA as .pdf document from this page on the right side. Click the link in the e-mail and fill in and submit the CLA electronically. You will get then an eDocuSign request back from Microsoft to electronically sign the OEM agreement. Once Microsoft electronically countersigns the OEM CLA, an Embedded OEM Customer may order runtime licenses through Silica. 


If you have a third party installer, please nominate this company as an "Outsource Manufacturer" (OM) in the additional right agreement (ARA) inside the CLA form. A outsource manufacturer can buy the licenses and install the images in the name of an OEM.

You can nominate a "3rd Party Integrator" (TPI) as well. A TPI can develop the operating system image and SW solution for the OEM.

One company can be nominated for both roles.


The OEM Customer License Agreement (OEM CLA) remains valid for two year. 
Microsoft generally contacts OEM customers 45 days prior to their OEM CLA expiration date per e-mail. Your Silica representative will contact you as well.

There is only one OEM CLA for all Embedded products.


How to sign the Microsoft Embedded eCLA 5.1:

Step 1: 


Request the eCLA 5.1 link from your local Silica representative or from: 

Silica will then enter your contact details into a Microsoft online tool and Microsoft will send you an e-mail with a link to the eCLA 5.1



Step 2: 


Click the link in the e-mail from Microsoft. 

You will be asked to sign in with your LiveID. 


Please note that the LiveID need to be registered under the exact same e-mail address as Microsoft sent you the e-mail! 


If you do not have such an LiveID account, you can create a new one. Please use the exact same e-mail address to create the new account!



Step 3: 


Sign in with your LiveID and fill in the eCLA online. All fields marked with a * are mandatory.


- "A company organized under the laws of" must be answered with a country  name.

   i.e. "Germany"


- Please use an English job title and not the academic title


- Notification contact may be a technical contact to get all the

  MS information


- Normally, the Company Ship to Information is the same as Company Information. 

   The ship to address is important for the OPK (installation medias) shipments. 

   Microsoft can only ship OPKs to this address.


- Don't forget to choose a Device Category from the drop-down menu in the 

   section "Embedded System Device Information" 


- If you have a 3rd party INSTALLER, please add an "Outsource Manufacturer" (OM). 

  An OM can buy and/or install the licenses for the OEM.


- If you have a 3rd party INTEGRATOR, please add an "3rd Party Integrator" (TPI). 

  A TPI can develop the operating system image for the OEM.


Step 4: 


When finished, submit the eCLA form. Silica will get then a notification e-mail to 

review the data.

If something was filled in incorrectly, you will get a notification back per e-mail to 

correct the fields.

When all fields are ok, the eCLA will sent to Microsoft.



Step 5: 


Microsoft will review the OEM data and will send an e-mail direct to the "signers" e-mail address with an eDocuSign link to electronically sign the eCLA document. Please note, that you can redirect per link the eDocuSign request to another internal e-mail to sign the agreement. 

Please eSign the CLA with the eDocuSign process.



Step 6: 


Once eSigned, Microsoft will resign the document under eDocuSign and you will get an eDocuSign e-mail with a carbon copy of the agreement back. 

You can print out this resigned agreement if you want.



Step 7: 


Congratulations! You are now an embedded OEM and are allowed to buy and use Microsoft embedded licenses under the embedded OEM license terms!




If you have questions to this workflow, please contact the local
SILICA office or contact direct:


Martin Grossen
, eMVP
Franchise Manager Microsoft
Avnet EMG Silica
Rössliweg 29b
CH - 4852 Rothrist
Tel: +41 79 444 74 19   

Christine Falke
Product Specialist Microsoft
Avnet EMG Silica
Gruber Strasse 60c, D-85586 Poing
Tel: +49 8121 777 334   


Request OEM CLA

You can request the Embedded OEM CLA from your AVNET Silica sales representative or per e-mail below.

A redline document to the older agreements is available as well.

Attention: This is the agreement text only. Do not sign this document.

Request OEM CLA:

Thank you!

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